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Lina cliping

Lina Peeva

Coordinator, MICE

Bringing people together and witnessing them revel in an amazing time has always been a source of immense pleasure for me. Growing up amidst the untamed beauty of the North in Iceland shaped my perspective, teaching me that the world is filled with possibilities, and limits exist only where you set them.

Fueled by my love for adventure and a thirst for diverse experiences, I found my way to Copenhagen for my studies. Here, I encountered a country characterized by a free spirit, forward-thinking, and a bubbling cauldron of creativity. I thrive on staying attuned to what innovative endeavors are unfolding in the city.

My journey with DMC Nordic began as a freelancer, and I was later extended the opportunity to join the team. Now, I take delight in crafting unforgettable experiences, tailoring programs to suit the specific personal interests of each group. The prospect of creating unique and personalized adventures brings me boundless excitement.

See you in Copenhagen!

My colleague describes me with these 3 words:

1: Open-minded
2: Curious
3: Calm under pressure

SINCE: With DMC Nordic since 2022

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Why Denmark

Whether you yearn to immerse yourself in the ageless allure of Danish design, pamper your culinary spirit with avant-garde New Nordic Cuisine served in numerous Michelin-starred establishments or amidst the bustling street food scene, witness the firsthand embodiment of why Copenhagen stands as one of the world’s most sustainable capitals, or simply desire to savor the essence of that effortlessly chic Copenhagen lifestyle – Denmark beckons as the ultimate destination, where every facet of your wanderlust finds its perfect match.

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