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Special Learning Programs

Some programs require exclusive access or special content to fulfill their full potential. Our DMC Nordic team loves to put our wide-ranging expertise and industry networks in play just to get you that specific “behind-the-scenes” access. We have gone far and beyond for our clients to arrange successful workshops, technical visits, study trips, inspiration and learning talks with frontrunners from countless industries ranging from gastronomy, sustainability, architecture, tech, city planning, science, etc. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about how DMC Nordic can help you set up your next inspiring learning expedition!


At DMC Nordic, we know that thriving teams are vital for any organization. Therefore, we go out of our way to offer a vast array of team building activities to suit every purpose and occasion. You may want to define or enhance team roles and collaborations, to increase productivity, solve serious challenges, or simply to stimulate team bonding through fun and entertaining activities – we got your back. Each of our offices is specialized in tailoring team building activities to successfully meet your specific objectives. We’d love to show you what our destinations can do for you, so let’s connect!


One of our specialties at DMC Nordic is presenting our destinations to our guests through a countless fun tours and activities. We always do this with a keen sense for creativity in order to make the time as worth-while and engaging as possible. We know that your time at our destination may be sparse, so we understand how important it is to experience it them in their most evocative way. From simple sightseeing tours to the most exclusive activities and workshops that money can’t buy, we love to work wonders for our guests. Get in touch if you want to know how we can sprinkle magic on your trip with cool tours and activities!

Product Launches

There are few things that are better than a proper top-class product launch. Our creative team at DMC Nordic is devoted to putting in every coordinated effort needed to create that amazing event that your new release deserves. We have year-long experience in partnering strategically with clients to support them with local expertise and savvy at any stage of their roadmap to a successful product launch event.

Congress Services

In recent years, the Nordics have become a leading destination for large scale international congresses. At DMC Nordic, we are devoted to that famed “Scandinavian Efficiency” and we let that shine through to all of our large congress clients. We can offer a large scale of services ranging from transfer services, transportation, off-site dinners and events, accommodation services and hostess staffing, so let us connect to see how we can assist you during your next congress trip!

Event Design

Our team at DMC Nordic loves the action that business events bring. We live for the buzz and specialize in assisting you with all things event – from idea development and venue finding, to design, production and execution. Our creative minds never rest in in the pursuit of the next original idea or wow-factor that will take your business event to the next level, whether it is a gala dinner, awards show, product launch, trade show or something entirely different. Let’s chat to see how we can make you stand out of the crowd.

Meeting Planning

During the 37 years in the market, meeting planning has always been the very core of DMC Nordic. We are proud to be among the leaders in our each of our destinations when it comes to full meeting planning services, including venue and accommodation sourcing, meeting design, surrounding logistics, delegate accreditations, tech support, staffing, on-site management, and post evaluations. Our advantage lies in years of nourishing effective and strong relations with partners and suppliers within the industry, which essentially becomes your strength when planning your meetings with DMC Nordic. Wanna know more – let’s talk!

Sustainability Programs & Green Tours

It’s no secret that the Nordics are world frontrunners with regards to sustainability and eco development. At DMC Nordic we specialize in incorporating a wide range of green elements into our offering – this is what we call “The Green Option”. Whether you just need eco-friendly accommodation, specialized tours, technical visits or total 360° sustainability-focused programs, or whether you’re interested in learning more about our destinations’ work with environmental, social or economic sustainability, at DMC Nordic we are always happy to help you really “get behind the scenes” and inspire you. Get in touch to know more about “The Green Option”!

Incentive Programs

At DMC Nordic we understand that creativity, authenticity and exclusivity are key when it comes to the perfect incentive trip. Interweaving these three factors into every aspect of all incentive programs we design is where our team excels. We are always thirsty to offer you experiences that regular travelers cannot simply access, and we are rarely satisfied to only “meet” your expectations. No, we always strive to surpass them, because we know that this is where the real magic happens. This is why we say, “Stay Nordic cool, leave inspired!”. So let us inspire you!

Hybrid Events

With virtual events swiftly becoming a new normal, in-person live events and conferences now meet unseen challenges of how to engage an audience and stay effectively connected to your clients and peers. With hybrid events, you can combine the best of both worlds – to utilize the practical efficiency of virtual and reap the advantages of on-site interpersonal connections. At DMC Nordic, our team is devoted to providing the best, road-tested, hybrid events solutions – from total event strategy consulting, to all necessary virtual event tech and support, from venue planning and management to all on-site operations. Do you want to know more?

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