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Visit Copenhagen

Congress Services

In recent years, the Nordics have emerged as a premier destination for grand international congresses. At DMC Nordic, we wholeheartedly embrace the legendary ‘Scandinavian Efficiency,’ infusing it into every facet of our service for our esteemed congress clients. Our repertoire of offerings spans a vast spectrum, encompassing transfer services, transportation, off-site dinners, events, accommodation services, and expert hostess staffing. Allow us the privilege of connecting with you to explore how we can elevate and enhance your experience during your upcoming congress journey!

Event Design

At DMC Nordic, we thrive on the electrifying energy that business events ignite. Immersed in the pulsating beat of the industry, we are your dedicated partners, offering a full spectrum of event services—from cultivating innovative concepts and discovering the perfect venue to meticulous design, seamless production, and flawless execution. Our creative minds, fueled by an insatiable quest for originality, never rest. We’re in constant pursuit of the next awe-inspiring idea or wow-factor that will propel your business event to unparalleled heights, whether it’s a dazzling gala dinner, a prestigious awards show, an impactful product launch, a dynamic trade show, or an entirely unique experience. Let’s engage in a conversation and explore how we can ensure you not only stand out but shine brightly in the crowd.

Hybrid Events

As the virtual curtain rises in this new era, traditional in-person events and conferences find themselves facing unprecedented challenges in captivating audiences and maintaining meaningful connections with clients and peers. Enter the realm of hybrid events—an ingenious fusion of the practical efficiency of the virtual world and the rich tapestry of on-site interpersonal connections. At DMC Nordic, our team passionately delves into crafting avant-garde hybrid event solutions. From strategic event consulting that goes beyond the norm to providing cutting-edge virtual event technology and unwavering support, and from envisioning and managing venues to orchestrating flawless on-site operations—we’ve mastered the art of seamlessly merging these two worlds. Curious to unravel the possibilities? Let’s embark on this journey together!

Incentive Programs

At DMC Nordic, we recognize the pivotal role that creativity, authenticity, and exclusivity play in crafting the perfect incentive trip. The art of seamlessly intertwining these three elements into every facet of our meticulously designed incentive programs is where our team truly excels. We possess an insatiable thirst to present you with experiences that transcend the ordinary, endeavors that ordinary travelers can only dream of accessing. Merely ‘meeting’ your expectations is not our goal—our aspirations soar higher. We relentlessly strive to exceed your expectations, understanding that it is in this realm where true magic transpires. Hence, we proudly proclaim, ‘Stay Nordic cool, leave inspired!’ Allow us the privilege of inspiring you and turning your incentive journey into an extraordinary adventure!

Meeting Planning

With 40 years of thriving in the industry, meeting planning has been the beating heart of DMC Nordic. From the intricate art of venue and accommodation sourcing to the strategic choreography of meeting design, the seamless coordination of surrounding logistics, meticulous delegate accreditations, cutting-edge tech support, dynamic staffing, on-site orchestration, and insightful post-event evaluations—we navigate the meeting landscape with unparalleled expertise. Our distinct advantage lies in the cultivation of robust and effective relationships with partners and suppliers in the industry, transforming our collective strength into a powerful force when you entrust your meetings to DMC Nordic. Curious to uncover more? Let’s engage in a conversation and unravel the possibilities!

Product Launches

Few experiences rival the thrill of an impeccably executed top-class product launch. At DMC Nordic, our creative team is not just committed but passionately devoted to orchestrating every synchronized effort required to craft an extraordinary event worthy of your new release. With years of seasoned expertise, we have mastered the art of strategic partnership, standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients at every twist and turn on their journey to a triumphant product launch. We don’t just create events; we curate memorable moments that resonate with the essence of your brand and product. Trust us to transform your vision into a spectacular reality.

Special Learning Programs

In the realm of extraordinary programs, unlocking exclusive access and unleashing special content is the key to unleashing their full potential. Here at DMC Nordic, we thrive on harnessing our extensive expertise and industry networks to secure that elusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ access that transforms experiences into unparalleled journeys. We’ve ventured into uncharted territories for our clients, orchestrating successful workshops, technical visits, study trips, and captivating talks with trailblazers spanning gastronomy, sustainability, architecture, tech, city planning, science, and beyond. If you’re ready to embark on a transformative learning expedition, reach out to us and let DMC Nordic elevate your next inspiring adventure!

Sustainability Programs & Green Tours

In the heart of the sustainability movement, the Nordics proudly lead the way, and at DMC Nordic, we’ve elevated it to an art form with our unique offering—aptly named “The Green Option.” Dive into a world where eco-friendly accommodations, bespoke tours, enlightening technical visits, and comprehensive 360° sustainability-focused programs converge to redefine your journey. Whether you seek a glimpse into our destinations’ commitment to environmental, social, or economic sustainability, we’re more than thrilled to guide you on an inspiring exploration behind the scenes. Ready for a transformative experience? Connect with us and unveil the vibrant tapestry of “The Green Option”!


At DMC Nordic, we understand the heartbeat of thriving organizations lies in their teams. That’s why we don’t just offer team-building activities; we curate experiences tailored to every purpose and occasion. Whether you’re looking to sculpt and refine team roles, boost productivity, tackle serious challenges, or infuse a spirit of camaraderie through entertaining activities, consider it done. Our offices are veritable artisans in crafting team-building adventures that seamlessly align with your unique objectives. Allow us to unveil the unparalleled potential our destinations hold for you. Let’s connect and embark on a journey where team synergy becomes an art form!


At DMC Nordic, we boast a special knack for unveiling the essence of our destinations through a myriad of captivating tours and activities. Infused with boundless creativity, each experience is crafted to maximize your time, ensuring it’s not just worthwhile but utterly enchanting. We comprehend the preciousness of your time at our destination, and that’s why we’re dedicated to offering the most evocative encounters. From delightful sightseeing excursions to the crème de la crème of exclusive activities and workshops, ones that money can’t simply buy, we revel in conjuring wonders for our guests. Ready to infuse your trip with a touch of magic? Reach out, and let’s explore the enchanting world of cool tours and activities together!

Virtual Activities

In a world where remote work has become the new norm, maintaining a strong team bond requires a bit of finesse. At DMC Nordic, we not only embrace this change but thrive on the challenges it presents. We’ve evolved to provide a diverse array of creative, efficient, and remote-team-focused virtual activities to keep your team connected. Whether you’re in search of a serious team-building activity to tackle specific challenges or a ‘just-for-fun’ break to invigorate engagement and foster remote team bonding, DMC Nordic has the perfect solution. Let’s connect and explore the myriad ways we can enhance your remote team experience!

Our offices and Beyond

Welcome to Denmark

DMC Nordic Denmark A/S

Middelfartgade 15. 1,
2100 Copenhagen OE,

+45 33 12 12 00

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Welcome to Estonia

DMC Nordic Estonia

Raua 14-4
Tallinn 10124

+372 66 81 126

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Welcome to Norway

DMC Nordic Norway AS

Skoltegrunnskaien 2-3,
5003 Bergen,

Fridtjof Nansens plass 4
0160 Oslo

C/O FLOW Coworking AS
Strandgaten 9
9008 Tromsø.

+47 47 61 13 13

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Welcome to Finland

DMC Nordic Finland

Kampinkuja 2
00100 Helsinki

+358 400 149903

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Welcome to Sweden

DMC Sweden AB

Kornhamnstorg 53
111 27 Stockholm

+46 76795 46 45

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