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Tomasz Furmanek,

Are you on the hunt for exclusive
and creative ways to experience
some unique destinations throughout
the Nordic and the Baltic regions?
Look no further! What you see, and
sometimes what you don’t see, is
what you will get.
Wanna see?!

Renée Just Pagel - Visit Denmark


Immerse yourself into the real “Danish Cool” and get a taste for this hip and pulsating land of fairytales.

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Liina Notta - Visit Estonia


Authenticity and UNESCO World Heritage Sites galore – welcome to one of Europe’s true hidden gems.

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Robert Bye


Experience landscapes like nowhere else in this vast land of fjords and Vikings and connect with nature as grand as ever.

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Per Pixel Petersson/


Explore the soul and mind of Scandinavia – the perfect mix of cultured and stylish city vibes and endless lush nature panoramas.

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Stay Nordic cool, leave inspired!

DMC-Nordic is a full scope destination management bureau with local offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Finland.


At DMC Nordic, our passion lies in sculpting a dynamic variety of tailored experiences, tailored not only for business events but also for the pinnacle of high-end cruise adventures. With a keen eye on industry trends, we navigate the ever-shifting currents to craft programs and events that transcend expectations. Through creative and inspiring encounters, we ensure that our solutions resonate locally, weaving a narrative that is both relevant and profoundly meaningful for all who step into our curated world


Are you on the lookout for the extraordinary—a journey beyond the mundane, with experiences that defy the ordinary, destinations on the rise, high-end sustainability initiatives, the most happening locations, and cutting-edge products? Are you yearning for the discovery of emerging gems to elevate your incentives, meetings, events, and cruise programs in Northern Europe? If you’re on the quest for inspiration and creative brilliance, your search ends here. Look no further, for a world of unparalleled possibilities awaits your exploration!


At DMC Nordic, we go beyond the conventional standards of efficiency, dedication, and personal touch because we understand that merely meeting your goals is not where the magic lies. Our hunger for innovation, creativity, and unwavering drive pushes us to surpass expectations. We aspire not just to meet but to exceed, aiming for a level of inspiration that mirrors our own passion for the extraordinary destinations we curate. We believe that our fervor will ignite a spark, leaving you as captivated by our destinations as we are – this is why we say “Stay Nordic Cool, Leave Inspired!”


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We embrace a touch of eccentricity, injecting a dash of the unconventional into our endeavors. Amidst the craziness, we unfailingly ensure a personalized touch—because that's the secret ingredient that transforms an ordinary experience into something extraordinary. It's this unique blend that lingers, etching memories that outlast our clients' visit to our destinations, ensuring they carry a piece of our distinctive charm with them long after the journey concludes

What we do

Shore Excursions

We are always striving to offer experiences beyond your expectations when it comes to shore excursions. We are thriving when guests get excited.

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Ground Handling

We know travelling can be stressful, but we do not accept it. Our team of professionals ease the pain for guests and make them feel more than welcome and expected.

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Airport Operations

Arriving or departing at a new airport can be overwhelming. At DMC Nordic, we take pride in meeting guests as soon as possible after having disembark the plane.

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Hospitality Services

We go out of our way when offering leading hospitality services to you and your guests – ashore and onboard.

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Ty Stange

Pre & Post Arrangements

We value the time of our and your guests. Therefore, we always strive to make the most of it when guests are staying prior or after a cruise.

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Land Programs

More than 40,000 kilometers of coastal line make out our four home countries, but that is not all we have to offer.

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Private Arrangements

We are proud to among the leaders in each of our destinations when it comes to full scope private arrangements.

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Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Destination Events

We are committed to ensure the best experience for all guests when staying overnight in one of our beautiful destinations.

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Group Services

We value the private groups travelling across the globe to our destinations.

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We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the Nordic Guide Academy in Copenhagen, a new venture by DMC Nordic. This exciting development is a result of a collaborative effort with prominent figures in the tourism industry, most notably Charlotte Emmery, who has been appointed to lead this initiative.
Charlotte Emmery brings plenty of experience and expertise to the Nordic Guide Academy. As a trained tourist guide from Roskilde University (RUC) and an external lecturer who has taught this course for 18 years, her profound knowledge and dedication to the field make her the ideal leader for this project.
The Nordic Guide Academy is set to commence its training program on the 3rd of September, 2024. We are confident that this comprehensive program will equip future guides with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide exceptional experiences for visitors. Our goal is to have a new group of trained guides ready to showcase the beauty and culture of Copenhagen to international guests by May 2025.
This initiative marks a significant step forward in our commitment to excellence in tourism, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on the visitor experience in Copenhagen.
More about hashtag#nordicguideacademy you can learn here: #dmcnordic #staynordiccoolleaveinspired #copenhagen #tourism #guidelife #destinationmanagement #destinationmanagementcompany #localknowledge #localexperience
On May 17th, Norwegians commemorate the signing of the constitution in 1814. In Norway, Constitution Day is a significant event celebrated nationwide. Unlike many countries that mark their national day with military parades, Norway’s May 17th is a festive occasion for everyone, particularly children. Before joining the parades and celebrations, many gather for a large breakfast, often a potluck with friends, family, and neighbours. This meal typically includes freshly baked bread, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and, for the adults, some bubbly.
We at #DMCNordic say to all our Norwegian colleagues, partners, clients and followers Hipp Hipp Hurra for 17th of May!  #dmcnordic #grunnlovsdagen #norway #celebrate
IMEX Frankfurt 2024 was beyond all our expectations!
Our DMC Nordic team had 105 prescheduled Meetings plus approx. 40 “walk-ins” during three days of IMEX. We were thrilled to connect with so many potential clients and return to our destinations with numerous new proposal requests. It was incredibly energizing to showcase our incredible #nordic destinations and witness clients’ excitement as they discovered our creative solutions in the Scandinavian region.
Now we eagerly anticipate reconnecting with everyone we met at the event!
#dmcnordic #eventprofs #incentiveprofs #meetingprofs #destinationmanagement #destinationmanagementcompany #imexfrankfurt #IMEX #imex24 #hospitality #event #connectionsmatter #connecting #incentivetravel #destinationmanagement #localexpert #localexpertise #uniqueexperiences #travelindustry #networking #experience #creative #destinationexperts #staynordiccoolleaveinspired
Welcome to Denmark

DMC Nordic Denmark A/S

Middelfartgade 15. 1,
2100 Copenhagen OE,

+45 33 12 12 00

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Welcome to Estonia

DMC Nordic Estonia

Raua 14-4
Tallinn 10124

+372 66 81 126

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Welcome to Norway

DMC Nordic Norway AS

Skoltegrunnskaien 1,
5035 Bergen,

Fridtjof Nansens plass 4
0160 Oslo

C/O FLOW Coworking AS
Strandgaten 9
9008 Tromsø.

+47 47 61 13 13

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Welcome to Sweden

DMC Sweden AB

Kornhamnstorg 53
111 27 Stockholm

+46 76795 46 45

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