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Tomasz Furmanek,

Are you on the hunt for exclusive
and creative ways to experience
some unique destinations throughout
the Nordic and the Baltic regions?
Look no further! What you see, and
sometimes what you don’t see, is
what you will get.
Wanna see?!

Renée Just Pagel - Visit Denmark


Immerse yourself into the real “Danish Cool” and get a taste for this hip and pulsating land of fairytales.

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Liina Notta - Visit Estonia


Authenticity and UNESCO World Heritage Sites galore – welcome to one of Europe’s true hidden gems.

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Robert Bye


Experience landscapes like nowhere else in this vast land of fjords and Vikings and connect with nature as grand as ever.

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Per Pixel Petersson/


Explore the soul and mind of Scandinavia – the perfect mix of cultured and stylish city vibes and endless lush nature panoramas.

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Stay Nordic cool, leave inspired!

DMC-Nordic is a full scope destination management bureau with local offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Finland.


At DMC Nordic, our passion lies in sculpting a dynamic variety of tailored experiences, tailored not only for business events but also for the pinnacle of high-end cruise adventures. With a keen eye on industry trends, we navigate the ever-shifting currents to craft programs and events that transcend expectations. Through creative and inspiring encounters, we ensure that our solutions resonate locally, weaving a narrative that is both relevant and profoundly meaningful for all who step into our curated world


Are you on the lookout for the extraordinary—a journey beyond the mundane, with experiences that defy the ordinary, destinations on the rise, high-end sustainability initiatives, the most happening locations, and cutting-edge products? Are you yearning for the discovery of emerging gems to elevate your incentives, meetings, events, and cruise programs in Northern Europe? If you’re on the quest for inspiration and creative brilliance, your search ends here. Look no further, for a world of unparalleled possibilities awaits your exploration!


At DMC Nordic, we go beyond the conventional standards of efficiency, dedication, and personal touch because we understand that merely meeting your goals is not where the magic lies. Our hunger for innovation, creativity, and unwavering drive pushes us to surpass expectations. We aspire not just to meet but to exceed, aiming for a level of inspiration that mirrors our own passion for the extraordinary destinations we curate. We believe that our fervor will ignite a spark, leaving you as captivated by our destinations as we are – this is why we say “Stay Nordic Cool, Leave Inspired!”


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We embrace a touch of eccentricity, injecting a dash of the unconventional into our endeavors. Amidst the craziness, we unfailingly ensure a personalized touch—because that's the secret ingredient that transforms an ordinary experience into something extraordinary. It's this unique blend that lingers, etching memories that outlast our clients' visit to our destinations, ensuring they carry a piece of our distinctive charm with them long after the journey concludes

What we do

Shore Excursions

We are always striving to offer experiences beyond your expectations when it comes to shore excursions. We are thriving when guests get excited.

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Ground Handling

We know travelling can be stressful, but we do not accept it. Our team of professionals ease the pain for guests and make them feel more than welcome and expected.

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Airport Operations

Arriving or departing at a new airport can be overwhelming. At DMC Nordic, we take pride in meeting guests as soon as possible after having disembark the plane.

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Hospitality Services

We go out of our way when offering leading hospitality services to you and your guests – ashore and onboard.

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Ty Stange

Pre & Post Arrangements

We value the time of our and your guests. Therefore, we always strive to make the most of it when guests are staying prior or after a cruise.

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Land Programs

More than 40,000 kilometers of coastal line make out our four home countries, but that is not all we have to offer.

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Private Arrangements

We are proud to among the leaders in each of our destinations when it comes to full scope private arrangements.

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Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Destination Events

We are committed to ensure the best experience for all guests when staying overnight in one of our beautiful destinations.

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Group Services

We value the private groups travelling across the globe to our destinations.

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DMC Nordic is thrilled to announce that our Norwegian office, DMC Nordic Norway, has reached Travelife Partner level! This marks the second of our offices to achieve this recognition, following DMC Nordic Estonia's attainment of Travelife Partner level in 2023.

 We are diligently working towards securing the same distinction for our Danish, Swedish, and Finnish branches. Furthermore, our DMC Nordic Denmark office has been certified as a Green Tourism Organization in 2023.

#DMCNordic takes immense pride in these accomplishments and remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding high standards of sustainability across our daily business operations, as well as in our incentive programs, meetings, and events.

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Join us at the annual Seatrade Cruise Convention and Exhibition in Miami to connect with the DMC team! This year, you'll have the opportunity to meet with representatives from our DMC Nordic offices located in Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Sweden as well as our sister company, DMC Chile. We're thrilled to reunite with our amazing clients once again!

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Stockholm is the place where Waterloo was born and ABBA seemed. ABBA’s significance for the city and Swedish the musical wonder is enormous. ABBA took Swedish music out
in the world, has inspired countless musicians for decades, and they are still a tourist magnet with a museum at Djurgården.
The music city of Stockholm attracts talent from all over the world and here you will find  an impressive selection of live music and festivals as well as a strong infrastructure to provide new abilities opportunities to create tomorrow’s hits. Now Swedes want to thank ABBA for what they have meant to Sweden, Stockholm and not least for everyone affected by theirs tones. That’s why they invite everyone to a global sing-a-long there everyone has the opportunity to participate, wherever they are themselves and once again put ABBA and the Swedish musical wonder on the map around the world.
In addition, a sing-along is arranged in Kungsträdgården with the tribute band Waterloo.
Come and join us in the celebration on April 6. We do it together!  More information 👇🏿 #abba #abbaofficial #singalong #visitstockholm #50years #thankyou #staynordiccoolleaveinspired #dmcnordic
#DMCNordic Wishing all partners, clients, friends & followers a season filled with peace, joy, and beautiful weather. Happy Easter!
#easter #easterbreak #eastereggs #meetingprofs #incentiveprofs #eventprof #miceindustry #eventsindustry #destinationmanagement #destinationmanagementcompany #localexpert #scandinavia #visitscandinavia #staynordiccoolleaveinspired
Easter is just around the corner therefor our DMC Nordic Denmark team decided to spend few creative hours together while blowing and painting eggs for Easter decoration.
Easter wouldn’t be Easter without eggs! Easter eggs come in all varieties – to eat and to decorate.
Blowing chicken’s eggs and painting them in pastel colours makes for a rewarding, creative pastime and this is how to do it:
Pierce the top and bottom of the egg with a needle.
The holes need to be just larger than the diameter of a matchstick.
Blow or shake out the contents of the egg.
Rinse the egg inside and out with soapy water.
Let it dry with a hole pointing down to let the water drain.
Once the egg is dry, you can decorate it with felt pens, paint, glitter and small feathers.
Tie a piece of thread tightly round a cut-down matchstick. Insert the matchstick into the hole in the egg and hang the egg up.
#spring #eastereggs #easterdecor #handmade #creative #fridaychill #cool #timetogether❤️ #dmcnordic #creativeteam #happyfridayeveryone
Tallinn is the proud host and organizer of the Tall Ships Races sailboat regatta in 2024.
This magnificent maritime extravaganza will grace Lennusadam (Seaplane Harbour), Noblessneri Harbor, and Old City Harbor from July 11th to July 14th, offering a wealth of activities and adventures both ashore and afloat.
Tall Ships Races is Europe’s largest and oldest sail training ship regatta, bringing nearly 60 large sailing ships to Tallinn’s three harbors. These vessels play host to up to 3,000 aspiring sailors from 30 to 40 different countries. At the heart of this regatta lies the noble aim of providing young people with the opportunity to embrace the challenges of the sea, acquire sailing expertise, and foster lifelong friendships.
Visitors are invited to explore the tall ships nestled in Tallinn’s harbors, with opportunities to partake in onboard events.
Moreover, the harbors will be alive with stirring music, tantalizing cuisine, and an array of festival activities. If you need some local expertise in creating unforgettable visit just give us a buzz! 
In addition to Tallinn races will be hosted by:
Klaipeda in Lithuania
Helsinki and Turku in Finland
Mariehamn in Åland
Szczecin in Poland. 
#news #Tallships #TallShipsRaces #Tallinn #destinationinspiration #localexperience #localexpert #localexperts #incentivetravel #incentiveideas #incentiveprofs #dmcnordic #staynordiccoolleaveinspired
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