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Open all your senses, and embark on a
remarkable journey of discovery

Per Morten Abrahamsen

Why Faroe Islands

We invite you to take a deep breath, open all your senses, and embark on a remarkable journey of discovery! This secret place on earth is a complete paradise for avid nature lovers, who will discover here gleaming, greener-than-green meadows, “designer-mowed” by roaming sheep. Thousands of chirping puffins flying over majestic valleys, and wave-battered headlands ending in plummeting cliffs that are as spectacular as the unruly winds that threaten to blow unsuspecting hikers off them.

Dominic Breitbarth - Visit Faroe Islands

Just leave your stress at home!

In the bubbling waves of North Atlantic Ocean, you will discover floating mysterious 18-piece puzzle of stunning Faroe Islands, which are both ancient and very modern. These Islands are dotted with multi-coloured, small houses, grass-roofed wooden churches, and ageless groups of intersecting rugged layer-cake like mountains, adding striking contrast to the splendidly simple, treeless moorlands. The Faroe Islands offers a very distinctive scenery, while painting a stunning picture by masterfully blending volcanic terrain, silky green grass, and spectacular waterfalls.

The Faroe Islands may be close in distance but are far, far from everyday life, filled with stressful commitments. Here everything is far away from traffic jams and never-ending crowds, away from ordinariness and everyday routines. This is a perfect “leave-your-stress-at-home” destination, where travel is easy, people are friendly, and the scenery is off-the-scale amazing! We believe that there are no other places in Europe where the pace of life is as relaxed as on the Faroe Islands. For the people, who call these islands home, quality of life is essential, where a balance between time shared with friends and time spent in the natural surroundings is upmost important for Faroese.

Visit Faroe Islands

Join the Preservolution!

Did you know that there are more sheep than people on the Faroe Islands? Nevertheless, Faroese are protecting both! This extremely ingenious local community came up with a new strategy with a very catchy name for it: preservolution, that will continue guiding the country until 2025.

Preservolution initiative concentrates on Faroese nature preservation, which helps locals to make sure that this lovely destination keeps staying unspoiled, unexplored, and unbelievable. Protected areas or national parks have been established with special limitations, aimed to protect vulnerable animal life and nature and Faroe Islands put a special strategic focus on sustainable tourism, ensuring that destination attracts only quality-conscious visitors.

We, at DMC Nordic, are devoted to supporting this sustainable advance and are always ready to integrate various sustainable solutions into all our programs by offering amazing sustainable hotels, cool eco dining selections, and plenty of experiences that support the preservation of the local environment.


Experience allure of Faroe Islands

One thing sure, Faroese nature is not just something you look at, this is a place for being – for hiking, painting, angling, diving, sailing, and engaging.

Get a true feeling of the Faroe Islands beauty and uniqueness while immersing yourself into one of many DMC Nordic handpicked and tailormade adventures. We guarantee you will be astonished to find out that something so unique and unspoiled still exists on our planet. Take a journey to somewhere unexplored, unbelievable and allow yourself the time and pleasure to reconnect with the world around you. We guarantee you will feel all the better for it!

Some of our absolute favourite Faroese highlight experiences are:

André Alexander  / @formgestalterInstagramMYNDA BRÚK: frítt
André Alexander - Visit Faroe Islands Instagram MYNDA BRÚK: frítt

Get amazed while visiting one of the many villages

Take a picturesque ride to the enchanting village of Gjógv, filled with aged timber-walled and turf-roofed small houses and offering richness of charisma and allure.


Get cultured while exploring richness of local culture

Immerse into richness of Faroese culture and history while visiting Kirkjubø, one of the oldest villages on the Faroe Islands.


Get inspired while exploring the smallest capital in the world

Immerse into richness of Faroese culture and history while visiting Kirkjubø, one of the oldest villages on the Faroe Islands.

Picture 1 - Credits - Daniele Casanova - Visist Faroe Islands
Daniele Casanova - Visist Faroe Islands

Get relaxed at one of unforgettable nature concerts

Embark on the sea venture to the world’s largest sea-cave Klæmintsgjóv for some unforgettable grotto concerts.

Útilív Adventure Festival, running, trail running, festival, event, mountains
David Altabev - Visit Faroe Islands

Get revived by grandness of mother nature

Take off on a 5K Run in the backgrounds of unbeatable 60-million-year-old theme park called Mother Nature.

Picture 1 - Credits - Per Morten Abrahamsen
Per Morten Abrahamsen

Get rewarded by challenging yourself to an unforgettable hike

Challenge yourself with a hike to the renowned Kallur Lightouse for some of the Faroe Islands’ most iconic landscapes views.


Cannot wait?

To us, the Faroe Islands are a secret jewel of nature, which is not known or discovered by many. Absorbing reality, as it is in the Faroe Islands, almost forces you to look within yourself to find out who YOU really are, while spending time on the islands gives you a remarkable feeling of remote living at the edge of the ocean.

Embark onto extraordinary adventures with DMC Nordic, while exploring something undiscovered, unspoiled, unbelievable, unveiled, untold, and we assure that you will come back with hundreds of inspiring images and countless unforgettable lifetime recollections.
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