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Destination filled with dazzling
and untouched nature

Why Finland

Imagine a masterpiece created by a fusion of wild beauty, inspiring contemporary architecture, and finest culinary excellence. Let’s drop in some mystic winter magic and maybe some of spectacular summer charm into this mesmerizing mix, and voila we’ve got one enchanting travel destination!

We would like to invite you to a lifetime adventure by taking you “behind the scenes” of many incredible hidden gems that Finland has to offer, where you will experience a very diverse and captivating scenery slowly opening in front of you.

Vastavalo Matti Koutonen Visit Finland

From relaxing in nature to celebrating in the city, there are plenty of things to do in Europe’s north

Whether you want to wind down in lush forests, adventure in the Arctic wilderness or relax on the open coast, Finland has plenty of space for everyone. Plus, the flora and fauna are like nowhere else on Earth – especially when you experience it under the mystical Midnight Sun.

In the northern part of Finland, also known as the Finnish Lapland, you will discover dazzling, wild, and untouched nature, with its countless “powdered-sugar like” covered pine trees and magnificent snowscapes. Did you know that Finnish Lapland is home of 200.000 reindeers? Yes, you will find most of the 200.000 domesticated Reindeers in Lapland, which equals to 20.000 more reindeers than people in Lapland region! Finns can even see these iconic animals wandering in their private gardens.

Are you on your winter escape voyage in Finland? Then please make sure to pay a visit to home of Santa Claus. Yes, he “really” lives here, and you can have an audience with him at his “office” in Rovaniemi!


The lungs of Northern Europe and the green capital

Be assured nowhere else in Europe you will find a country with as much forest as in Finland! This is PURE nature, or as the Finns say – “the lungs of Northern Europe”! Fresh air and clean water surround you here! Travel the country of over 187,000 frozen lakes with us, all the way to the arctic circle in pursuit of the notorious northern lights, as there is no better place to spot the Aurora Borealis as in northern part of Finland. One thing for sure – if you will be among the lucky ones to witness this magical moment – you will never forget this unique nature show performed to you by dancing colorful and dazzling lights.

But Finland is not all about the nature. If you are more “city-break” kind of adventurer, then vibrant and contemporary Helsinki is what you must explore! This green Finnish capital, located in the southern part of the country, is filled with marvelous architecture gems and is close to many charming hubs such as historical Porvoo city, Espoo & Vantaa or Järvenpää- Tuusula, well known for its artistic culture.

Kari Ylitalo VisitFinland

Meet the locals

We all know that the best way to understand local culture and lifestyle is to spend some time with locals. So, do you wonder where can you meet the Finns? Our advice – sauna is probably the best place to find them! It is hot, very hot indeed! When most of us think about sauna culture, association with Finland perhaps does not pop up in our minds. But with estimated 2.3 million saunas for a population of 5,3 million people, saunas are probably one of the most vital “rituals” for the most of Finns. Did you know that many important decisions and lucrative deals have been made inside these 90°C “sweat- chambers”?! Even the Finish Parliament has 7 of them! Whenever you would like to spend some quality time in the company of relaxed locals go ahead and immerse yourself into this cleansing ritual of Finnish sauna. You can start in the heart of the country and explore an iconic Finnish lodge on the edge of a frozen lake complete with a traditional smoke sauna, or maybe you would like to try an Ice sauna, or something as unusual as Gondola sauna? Well, whatever is your favorite – Finland has a diverse selection for you to choose from.


DMC Nordic Finnish Highlights

Finland can offer you so many inspiring and unusual “once in the lifetime” experiences. Are you curious what are our absolute favorite ones? We would love to offer so many tailor-made adventures and here are just a few of OUR highlights:

Visit Finland

Ice Breaker and Ice swimming

Listen to the crushing ice when 3500 tons of steel is “sailing” through a thick layer of frozen water! Jump into your waterproofed swimsuits and experience to float/swim in between ice blocks.

Harri Tarvainen, Visit Finland

Sauna and Ice

Discover the Finnish wellbeing, enjoy an unforgettable Ice Sauna treatment, a fun set up of hot/cool.

Levi Galss Igloo

A Magical night at the Ice hotel or in a glass igloo

A once in the lifetime experiences among ice or a stunning few under the glass roof.

Mikko Nikkinen, Visit Finland

Golfing in middle of the night?

Yes, this doable in Lapland during the “Midnight Sun” period. Around the Arctic Circle, the sun does not set at all from May to August.


A memorable dinner at Snowland

Ice tables, 2 ice bars and a delicious local 3 course menu will make this special foody night unforgettable.


Cannot wait?

Not sure what to do on your next trip to Finland? No worries. We have a large selection of curated journeys from different parts of the country. We will help you to find interesting sights to see, places to visit, and restaurants to dine in.

So, are you ready to join DMC Nordic on one of the most memorable travel adventures to an unprecedented destination, perfectly described by the Lonely Planet as a “lovely and perfect manor”? If yes, then please allow us to tailor-made your next trip to SUOMI, as the locals call their beloved country!

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