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Experience mysterious and mythical
ice-covered destination – a place like
nowhere else!

Why Greenland

Ever thought you would go to space? Ever dreamt of going to a destination which has had a mythical place in your mind since childhood? Well, now is the time to dream big and experience a place like nowhere else is the world! Right as you step out of your plane, you will be surrounded by nature you have never seen before. You will be humbled by giant icebergs and surreal ocean vistas, and right from the start you will know that you are in for a treat that is so authentic and unique that it is incomparable to the earthly luxuries that other destinations can offer.

Paul Zizka

Breathtaking surroundings and extraordinary wildlife

Greenland’s enormous wilderness serves as the perfect backdrop for any traveler who dreams about disconnecting from every day’s technologies and stresses, for everyone who want to reconnect with mother nature and re-discover your best self.

Iceberg-choked fjords, and colorful tundra are only few of the exclusive traits that make Greenland a travel destination, which is unlike any other. This marvelous country is so far off the beaten path, immense and distant that even these days, exploring Greenland is reminiscent of the spirit of exploration of centuries gone by.

Chris B.Lee Visit Greenland

Adventurer’s paradise

This destination is for the adventure seeker, who is looking for more than just another 5* standard hotel luxury but for true 5* experiences. This is a trip that will touch your heart and leave you wanting more. Our clients have described it as ‘’a highlight of a lifetime’’ and we could not agree more. This is one diverse destination, where you will be met by rocky, polar desert in the north and amazed by glacial-carved fjords and sheep farms in the south. Greenland offers more than its fair share of thrilling places, waiting to be discovered.


Are you ready for some of the lifetime experiences

In the middle of the nature, culture and action, adventurer’s, who cannot wait to make the most of Greenland’s adventure will have no trouble to be amazed.

One thing is certain – if you want to experience Greenland in a way that no one else can, let us show you our Greenland – the one we know, love, and cherish. You can rely on us not only for seamless logistics in a place where things are not always easily accessible, but also to arrange truly unique experiences that will leave an unforgettable imprint on you – how about a special surprise music performance on an iceberg or and open-sky dining in the Tundra?

Among DMC Nordic’s favorite breathtaking Greenland’s adventures, you will find:

Mads Pihl Visit Greenland

Midnight sun Ice Fjord cruising

Experience the arctic in a completely different way while sailing between remarkable icebergs that drift from the calving glaciers. This is a fantastic adventure that takes you deep into the arctic wilderness!

B Lee Visit Greenland

Kayaking amongst Humpback whales

Whether this is your first or fifth whale watching experience, seeing such a magnificent creature right before your eyes is always overwhelming.

B Lee Visit Greenland

Hiking in the Arctic Circle and enjoy picnic with relaxing never-ending views of icebergs

Embark onto the ultimate adventure to explore Greenland’s unique backcountry and disconnect from everyday life while reconnecting with nature.

Paul Zizka Visit Greenland

Sailing along giant icebergs

Let the magnificent nature of Greenland get under your skin on rib-boat or schooner trips in an extraordinary landscape of glaciers and icebergs.

Mads Pihl Air Zafari Visit Greenland

Flying right above a glacier’s tongue

Experiencing Greenland from the air provides a new perspective of the enormous size of the country, and the conditions for life in the Arctic.


Have you got Greenland on your mind?

Let us organize your program in Greenland and we guarantee you that this experience will not ever leave the very top of your own “best-things-I’ve-ever-done” list!

We promise you, as you will leave your every day’s routines behind in favor of discovering amazingness of Greenland, you will embark on the lifetime adventure, which will immediately make you wonder why you have waited so long – and now when you are finally here how can you bottle up that zen and take it back home with you!

Wanna know more? Give us a call, we are always happy to talk all things Greenland!

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