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This is truly “otherworldly” place to
experience the power of majestic nature

Why Iceland

Be swept by nature so majestic, you’ll think you’re starring in a National Geographic documentary. Walk on glaciers, descend into volcano craters, soak in world class geothermal spas, and be mesmerized by the Nordic Lights or the Midnight Sun in settings unlike anywhere else on Earth.


Destination perfect for capturing some of the most striking landscape images on Earth

Every visitor to Iceland is blown away by the awe-inspiring nature. The country’s immersive scenery changes with your every turn and never stops to impress even the most well-traveled.

But is this the only reason why Iceland is so great? Why it is the “IT” destination on everybody’s lips? Well, we would like to think that it’s the perfect combination of sweep-you-off-your-feet natural beauty and comfortable accessibility of all sorts of great things you can do during your visit.

Where else would you have a hip and happening, but yet super authentic capital city, endless icy glaciers, active volcanos and “Game of Thrones”-worthy scenery all reachable within less than a couple of hours? And the cool thing about it all is that you can do so many amazing activities here – on land, at sea, in the air and on ice!

The best part? By letting DMC Nordic tailor your Iceland program, you’ll make sure that you get all those special elements and surprises that make an experience truly exclusive and that normal travelers don’t get to get!


Eco-focused destination

We know that you no longer want to travel only for traveling’s sake. We understand that leaving a positive imprint is ever so important and this is exactly why Iceland should be your next destination. Let us be your guide to Iceland and guide you through responsible travel that leave no harm behind.

Iceland is the world’s absolute leader when it comes using renewable energy with more than 80% of its total energy production coming from hydro- and geothermal power. This quite naturally makes all activity in Iceland eco-friendly, but it doesn’t just stop there.

We can tailor your program so that you get ‘’behind the stage’’ to some of these leading companies and learn from the experts in the area.

Iceland is famed for its water – not only the natural heated hot thermal baths, but also it’s tap water, which is completely untainted and naturally pure. This very fact flows over into a now happening

and innovative culinary scene with amazing bio and eco products, such as award winning beer brewing, gin distilleries and various veggie produces, which is slowly turning Iceland into a bit of a new foodie destination. You guessed it right – we can take you on special taste-and-try tours, which will leave you inspired, full of ever so delicious lamb and make appreciate the bees you see in your garden a heck of a lot more.

You will be visiting a country that prides itself with it’s focus to keeping the environmental impact of tourism as low as possible. This comes to show in the official “The Icelandic Pledge” that centers around sustainable tourism and which every traveler is expected to commit to.

We at DMC Nordic are invested in supporting this sustainable development in all our destinations and are always eager to incorporating this into your program by offering you astonishing eco-friendly hotels, cool farm-to-table dining options, and plenty of tours and activities that support the protection of the environment.


Immersed in Iceland

Iceland is the Mecca for everyone who doesn’t only want to be awed by a stunning nature, but also become one with it with extraordinary unique experiences. We may all have heard of The Blue Lagoon, the spectacular Geysir, and the Golden Circle, but at DMC Nordic we can help you get a true taste the real Iceland with unique activities and experiences. Some of our favorite must do’s are:


Go snowmobiling

Snowmobiling on an actual glacier for a perfect mix of adrenaline-pumping fun and gorgeous natural beauty


Snorkeling between the tectonic plates

Snorkeling between the European and American tectonic plates – Nowhere else in the world can you swim in a crystal-clear lake while virtually touching two continents.


Visit a magical Ice Cave

Entering a magical Ice Cave and discovering an ever-changing million nuances of blue as light shines through the glacier ice


Dive into a volcano

Have you ever wondered what the inside a volcano? Then take a journey towards the center of the earth in an dormant volcano’s magma chamber.


Discover the world’s whale capital

Get up-close and personal with whales in the world’s whale capital and have your breath taken away by those gentle giants.


Cannot wait?

With its unspoiled natural beauty, variety of cool experiences, welcoming locals, rich culture Iceland is a true treat for the lucky ones.
Embrace the “Land of Fire and Ice” with DMC Nordic and you’re guaranteed an experience that won’t soon leave your mind and body.

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