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Immerse into impressive mix of art
nouveau architecture and pristine nature

Why Latvia

We are introducing you to a small, charming Baltic country which probably many of you have not heard of before, and have not yet considered to be a potential destination for your next adventure. That is something we would like to change! This Baltic nation has more than a few wonders hidden amid its lush pine forests and architecturally rich cities and towns. We promise you that a visit to Latvia will have everyone find something special and will be able to satisfy every taste no matter if you are culture fan, nature lover or urban traveler. Its deep green forested landscapes, countryside filled with lakes and rivers, endless and wild sandy beaches lie side by side close to country’s culturally and architecturally rich cities. We are welcoming you to Latvia!


Visit Paris of the North

The capital city of Latvia Riga is filled with magnificent cathedrals and lively food markets, this inspirational city will make you smile! Rigas downtown area is packed with remarkable collection of historic buildings, majestic churches and cobbled streets. Thanks to its Medieval houses and picturesque 19th century wooden structures this part of Riga is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

And let us not forget about its key examples of Art Nouveau architecture, it is like no other you have seen elsewhere! Rigas Art Nouveau architecture is sometimes described as the “Paris of the North”. So, if you are a fan of this theatrical style of architecture and design, you simply must come and visit this Baltic pear, where you will find over 750 art nouveau buildings to enjoy. Once here all you will need to do is to gaze up, while wandering the streets, and you will be in awe by the amazing facades decorated with the swirling nature motives, goddesses, and mythological beasts, which are typical for this architecture style. Make sure not to leave your camera behind!


Small towns with big personalities Mind Your Manors!

Riga most probably receives most attention as a travel destination for everyone who plans to visit Latvia, but we would like to challenge you to leave its charms for a day or two and visit Latvia’s smaller towns, which are matchless small worlds offering beautiful sights, rich culture, and warm hospitality. Why not to pay a visit to Kuldiga, which is famous for its architecture, masterfully blending Baroque masterpieces, atmospheric wooden houses and canals that have rightfully earned this town a nickname of “the Venice of the North.”

Latvia is a country introducing you to its rich historic and cultural heritage. You will find many unique palaces and charming manors, which were built over different centuries. Hundreds of these historic landmarks have been well preserved, offering glimpse to their unique architectural, cultural, and historic heritage. You have many possibilities to relive history of these grandiose places as many of them offer unforgettable experiences which you can take part in – either by joining tours, unforgettable dinner events, spiced up by many historical activities or even staying overnight here. We will be more than happy to open doors to any of them for you during your next visit to Latvia.


Get a Nature High

As other Baltic countries, Latvia boasts pristine nature! If you are an avid nature lover, you will find endless possibilities to fully embrace the nature of green tourism from simple walks in the woods to special suggestions for birdwatchers, and enthusiasts of nature. This is one extraordinary land, which was able at its own pace to develop its forests, bogs, lakes, and rivers over the centuries, with a very minimal meddling by humans. We would like to take you on a hike along the trails of one of Latvia’s four national parks and you might spot a white-backed woodpecker, squirrel, and a deer. Or maybe you would like to visit one of the many garden pearls, all well-groomed, full of lovely smells, which are just awaiting to reveal their tranquility and beauty to all their guests? Local natural landscape provides a spectacular setting for many active adventures like boating, cycling, horse riding and other active outdoor pursuits. Did you know you can even take a dip in Europe’s widest waterfall?

If you are looking for picturesque landscapes, tranquility of the waves of the Baltic Sea, then we would be happy to invite you to explore the Kurzeme coast, washed by mighty waves of an open sea, up north at Cape Kolka, meeting with calmer waters of the Gulf of Riga. Latvia’s charming seaside never fails to surprise with its dunes, steep cliffs, sandstone boulders, impressive rocks, and grottos. Here you will also find many cozy fishing villages and numerous areas, which are still miraculously untouched by civilization.


Make the most out of the Baltics

Latvia has many local treats “up its sleeves” for you to choose from! Whichever is your preferred type of adventure DMC Nordic will be happy to tailor your program exactly as you need it.

It does not matter if you wish to keep things off the beaten track or have something in the middle of the pulsating city life, we will offer you the most inspiring programs and activities in this unforgettable destination. Our extensive local knowledge and expertise guarantees that you will have many possibilities to choose from. Here are few of our Latvia’s Highlights:

Reinis Hofmanis

Visit majestic medieval castle of Turaida

Immerse yourself into Medieval Period by learning about Medieval craftmanship, writing skills, and manners or having unforgettable dining experiences at the castle.

visit tukums

Hike through the Ancient Valley of the Abava River

Due to its beauty it has long been called “ Abava Ancient River Valley or Switzerland of Kurzeme (Courland)”.

Janis Bautra

Learn about 200 years old industrial heritage of Līgatne

Follow Paper Mill’s workers life through centuries and step inside cellar caves which were dug into the sandstone cliffs since the end of 18th century.

Kristaps Ungurs

Embark on many adventures at Gauja National Park

Welcome to adventurer’s Paradise! Get a taste of a freefall, bungee jumping or test your courage at the highest climbing tower in Eastern Europe!

Visit one of many local artisans!

Learn about local traditions and local traditional cuisine, while baking loaves of aromatic rye bread, smoking freshly caught Baltic Sea fish or collecting herbs for a tea blend. Take a piece of Latvia home with you!


Inspired and wanna know more?

This is the time to discover paths less traveled and we have a lot of them here in Latvia! Here you will discover many beautiful, undiscovered, and unexplored places, scattered all over this gorgeous country. We guarantee you will find many places within Latvia country that can surprise even experienced travelers.

Let us organize your program in Latvia and we will make sure that you will take a piece of Latvia home with you!

Wanna know more? Give us a call, let us talk Latvia!

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