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True Baltic gemstone wrapped in
legends and endless sand dunes

Why Lithuania

We invite you to discover a country wrapped in countless legends, endless sand dunes, breath taking nature, rich cultural heritage, and inspiring mix of architectural styles! Tucked away between the almighty Scandinavia and other much visited countries of Northern Europe you will find Lithuania! It may be small by nature, but this destination is filled with beauty and captivating local culture – we dare you not to like it!


Immerse yourself in amazing and vast nature

Lithuania’s greatest value is its amazing and vast nature. You do not need to travel far away from any of the major cities to be immediately immersed into astonishing scenic landscapes, painted by using unbelievable scales of shades of green colors, offering you the crispness of pure water, and its enthralling panoramas. We promise you will not find better way to forget all about the stress than to just get out and about and get lost in the amazingness offered by local nature. This country is extremely proud of its immense pine fragrant forests, well-preserved parks and blue-eyed lakes. Here it is always easy to enclose yourself with serenity and enjoy meditative experience that only nature can give you. Do not be afraid to take a deep breath of fresh air and revive yourself.

Will you dare to visit a mystic Hill of Crosses, displaying collection of over 200,000 wooden crosses? This iconic Lithuanian landmark has been vandalized and set on fire numerous times, but no one was able to destroy or burn it down. Condé Nast Traveller included this site as one of the Top 20 scariest places in the world, but for Lithuanian people this historic place symbolizes faith, hope, and freedom.


Country with rich cultural heritage and a vibrant and eclectic capital

You will discover that this country offers you many charms which are eccentric, difficult to forget and very beautiful. You will find a strip of lonely sand dunes, stretching over shores of the Baltic Sea. If you come here very early in the morning you will probably be lucky one to find one or two pieces of the broken amber castle, which according to one of the most famous Lithuanian legends was built in the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Take a voyage through Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, and other cities which will uncover in front of you a country with a stunning natural beauty and countless stories. Lithuania’s small, wooded towns and lake-fringed cities have a powerful history, a blossoming art scene, a native language, one of the oldest in the world, closely related to Sanskrit, and even with a few hidden Tagore translations.

Did you ever hear about an eclectic and vibrant capital city of Lithuania? We would not be surprised if the answer is no. Not many talks about it yet, which means that discovering Vilnius can be a true revelation for anyone who is seeking for new adventures. If you would ask a local to describe it – they would say that first and foremost, this is a compact and walkable city filled with urban green spaces, healthy portion of inspiring mixture of architecture, lots of amazing eateries and all kinds of exciting activities for you to participate in. Vilnius’ UNESCO-listed medieval Old Town is one of Eastern Europe’s biggest and most well preserved. Do not hesitate to just stroll around and let your curiosity lead the way through the endless of courtyards and passageways, which will take you further away from the touristic routes. You’re in for an array of exceptional discoveries!



Pause and take a moment for yourself!

Lithuanian is well known for Health tourism. In Lithuanian, this type of travel combines the highest quality service and wonderful nature that allows offering a large spectrum of aesthetic, beauty, and wellness related services. You will be able to immerse yourself into healing mineral waters and mud, large array of Lithuanian herbs and even local equivalent to gold- amber. These are just very few local natural remedies whose healing qualities are successfully used by health service providers in Lithuanian. We guarantee that you will be quickly able to regain your strength in numerous spas, either in the big cities or treat yourself at one of many oases located away from the city’s bustle, surrounded by endless green areas, countless lakes and rivers!


Experiences that make a difference

For those who thinks “I already know it” we say well, do not be fooled! Lithuania will always manage to surprise you and challenge you to discover even more beautiful places. You can find anything from quarries that look like Valles Marineris to military fortifications hidden away in sand dunes; from lofty observation towers to underwater paths in swamps. Lithuania is boundless – just do not be afraid to improvise and deviate from the usual tourist routes and you will see for yourself.

Experiences in Lithuania are not limited to just one certain type, the country provides the perfect mix of wellness-centered, modern, and historical locations.

Here we offer a rich set of authentic experiences:


Learn how to get closer to the pureness of nature

Try an educational trail! Go on adventure and explore many walkways set up in the most beautiful corners of Lithuania.


Visit the legendary residence of the rulers of Lithuania

Get amazed by the lakes and picturesque shores and immerse yourself in the heritage of the Karaims and aristocratic life at Trakai castle. Many memorable experiences in one place!

Credits - R.Anusauskas

Visit Curonian Spit (on the UNESCO World Heritage List)

Get amazed by the strip of sand that separates the Baltic Sea from the Curonian Lagoon. This is a unique place, enchanting for the magnificence of its dunes. More adventurous travelers will enjoy “fishing” for amber on the coast.


Check your craftsmanship skills!

Are your hands itching to try various local crafts? Then get your hands dirty with traditional clay-making techniques or learn fineries of creating your own jewelry out of the “Baltic Gold” – amber.

Credits - Sweet Root
Sweet Root

Learn about renaissance of local cuise

We would just love to challenge your cooking skills and taste buds. If you ever thought kohlrabi and honey did not mix, local chefs will prove you wrong!


Inspired and wanna know more?

Lithuania is extremely proud of its UNESCO heritage. You will find a long list of UNESCO cultural and natural heritage sites here. We encourage you to get here and discover country’s wild grasslands and forests, the wind-blown dunes of the Curonian Spit. Come and learn about Lithuania’s pagan roots or experience its living traditions by listening to Lithuanian polyphonic songs and observing the hands of a cross crafter creating traditions.

All you have to do is make up your mind, choose a date, allow DMC Nordic to tailor made your adventure and finally take off! You will discover destination where old meets new, ancient meets modern, traditional meets quirky vibe, and you will be hooked on the Baltics before you know it.

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