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Culture trendy city vibes and
endless nature panoramas!

Why Sweden

Sweden is a treat for all senses. Whether you travel to seek tranquility in nature, thrill in outdoor activities, indulgence in food, history, inspiration in design, architecture, music, lifestyle or technology? Rest assured that Sweden will fascinate you and surpass your expectations!

Sweden’s natural wonders, the Swedish cities, coastlines and archipelagos are waiting for you to come claim your right to absorb Swedish nature, art and design, world class food and kindness of locals.

Anna Hållams -
Anna Hållams -

Not too little, not too much

Imagine all of the above while still staying true to the Swedish concept of “Lagom”. For many people outside Sweden, it’s a new Scandi lifestyle buzzword on the block but for Swedes it’s a phrase for a long tradition of just the right amount in everything: not too little, not too much, just the right amount, the perfect balance – just like Sweden.

If you want to embrace the Swedish lifestyle then you should start by having fika, the delightful custom of enjoying a coffee and a treat with friends. Fika is as Swedish as ABBA. Well, isn’t it just a coffee break you might think? Not quite. It is much more than that. So embedded in the Swedish essence it is now the custom that some companies add a clause to contracts declaring that employees are entitled to fika breaks. No wonder that Swedes among the top consumers of coffee in the entire world!

It is not only coffee and cinnamon buns that will attract food lovers, Sweden is also a foodie destination extending a wide culinary span with an ever-increasing focus on sustainable cooking methods and local ingredients. In Swedish cities new restaurants emerge constantly, intermingling with more traditional eateries.


Indulge all your senses

Nature is an integral part of the Swedish lifestyle, contributing to physical as well as mental well-being. Across the country, there are unique escapes – from hotels made of ice, houses nestled in treetops to off-grid cabins and luxury glamping sites – that let you enjoy much-needed days in the peaceful tranquility of nature.

The capital, Stockholm, is a groundbreaking, welcoming and innovative trendsetting city, known to be one of the most inclusive and welcoming cities in the world. Its contemporary, urban appeal is balanced with centuries-old history and closeness to nature.

As for the things to do in Stockholm, the list is endless. Stockholm offers an assortment of art and culture, from world-class museums and historically fascinating royal palaces to niche galleries and intimate artist houses. The Vasa Museum is a must if you’re into history, The ABBA Museum is perfect for anyone interested in

Swedish music history while the Modern Museum and Fotografiska are top choices for art lovers.

Travelling up in the far north, a visit to Swedish Lapland will open up a unique world, combining vast expanses of nature, authentic Sami culture and culinary specialties.

Swedish Lapland is a region unlike any other. The land of the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights is home to mountains, forests, marshes, wild rivers and archipelagos. Stretching from Sorsele and Skellefteå in the province of Västerbotten, to the northernmost tip of Sweden, this arctic territory covers a quarter of the country. The sheer size and variety of terrain presents the outdoor enthusiast with endless options, from hiking and fishing to dog sledding and skiing.

Simon Paulin -
Simon Paulin -

Eco-focused destination

Sweden works a lot and hard for a better future.

Comprehensive environmental protection, active practices to appreciate and respect human rights and enhance work environments and fighting corruption. Many of Swedish companies are at the lead in implementing a sustainable approach to their business.

But the true change essentially begins at home. And taking care of environment is a constant job that Swedish people, young and old, in cities and in countryside, take very seriously.

We too, at DMC Nordic, are committed to helping you enjoy Sweden responsibly while also benefiting the environment, local business, local people and their culture.


Discover the magic of Sweden

Sweden is a vibrant country that has something to offer to every type of traveler. There are so many places and things to choose from when visiting our country so let us give you our tips on some of the most unforgettable things you should do while you are in Sweden:

ola_ericson-the_golden_hall-1091 (1)
Ola Ericson/

Gala dinner at the City Hall

Have a glamorous gala dinner at the City Hall of Stockholm, in the same venue that is used every year for the Nobel banquet, or next to the magnificent Vasa warship, the world’s best preserved 17th century ship.

Henrik Trygg/

Enjoy the nature of Sweden

Sail through Stockholm archipelago’s 30.000 islands and enjoy the silence and the surrounding nature far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ivan Zhirnov

Experience the colorful Smögen Pier

Stroll along the colorful Smögen pier, one of the most visited places on the West Coast of Sweden, followed by a seafood safari out on the sea.

Lola Akinmade Åkerström -
Lola Akinmade Åkerström -

The dance of Northern Lights

Take the chairlift up to the Aurora Sky Station in the very north of Sweden on a crispy cold winter night and be mesmerized by the dance of Northern Lights.

Tina Stafrén -
Tina Stafrén -

Enjoy the Swedish cuisine and take a Fika break

Immerse yourself into Swedish food culture and discover how diverse, forward thinking and sustainable the modern Swedish cuisine is. And let’s not forget that a fika break at one of the countless cozy cafes you can find all over Sweden is compulsory.

Asaf Kliger/Icehotel/

Sleep in some of the most unique hotels in the world

Get a good night’s sleep in some of the most unique hotels in the world. Spend the night in an ice room that holds a temperature of -5 to -8 degrees Celsius year round or contemplate Sweden’s spectacular nature from your room located up in a tree.


Cannot wait?

The midnight sun, Vikings, ABBA, Nobel, long list of World Heritage sites, clean air, beautiful landscape, history, world-class cultural hub and culinary melting pot… just to name a few of many reasons to come and indulge.
Come as you are to the place open for everyone and allow us to take you on an adventure that will tickle all your senses while exploring the beauty, the history and the hidden gems of Sweden!
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