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Nikolaj cliping

Nikolai Kononenko

Coordinator, MICE

Upon earning my tourism degree in 2012, I deliberated extensively on my career path within the expansive tourism industry. It was during this period that I discovered my profound love for the breathtaking nature of Finland. I firmly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to witness its beauty.

Consequently, this passion directed me towards the DMC field, allowing me to assist individuals from diverse backgrounds in exploring the captivating nature and culture of the Nordic region. Over the past twelve years, my dedication has been centered on unveiling the splendor of Finnish landscapes and traditions to people across the globe.

My colleague describes me with these 3 words:

1: Calm
2: Resilient
3: Supportive

SINCE: With DMC Nordic since 2024

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Why Finland

Envision a masterpiece born from the harmonious blend of untamed beauty, contemporary architectural marvels, and the pinnacle of culinary excellence. Now, infuse this captivating mix with the allure of mystical winter magic and the splendor of spectacular summer charm – voila! A truly enchanting travel destination comes to life.

Embark on a lifetime adventure as we extend an invitation to explore the captivating tapestry of hidden gems that Finland has in store for you. Join us “behind the scenes” to witness the diverse and captivating scenery gradually unveiling before your eyes.

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