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How much do you know about Denmark?

Test how much you already know about Denmark

Try answering these questions and find out if you are already an expert in all things "Danish"!

Do you know?

1. Who gave Christianshavn its name?
2. How old is His Majesty King Frederik X?
3. When was Tivoli Gardens founded?
4. Who designed Copenhill?
5. How many members are there in the Danish Parliament?
6. When was Copenhagen Cathedral built?
7. Which architectural style is Rosenborg Castle built in?
8. How many % of the Royal Guards are women?
9. How many % Danes are members of the National Church?
10. Who owns the Fredensborg Palace?
11. Who was Niels Juel?
12. How many cruise ships comes to Copenhagen annually?
13. What is Copenhagen City Hall used for?
14. Which company is the largest in Denmark?
15. Who is Gefion?
16. Where was Hans Christian Andersen born?
17. In which century did Denmark become a Lutheran country?
18. Which two countries are part of the Danish Kingdom?
19. Who donated the Royal Opera House to Copenhagen?
20. Has Denmark had colonies in India?
21. Who created the Kalmar Union?
22. When was the Danish Constitution last changed?
23. Who was known as Europe’s Father-in-law?
24. How much of the energy used in Denmark derives from wind and sun?
25. What happened to most Danish Jews during the Occupation?

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