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Nordic Guide Academy
Skills, Dedication and Passion!

Welcome to our world of experiences, learning and training


Welcome to Nordic Guide Academy, the brand-new guide school under DMC Nordic! We’re dedicated to offering specialized and relevant training programs tailored for aspiring guides. Our inaugural guide program takes place in the heart of Copenhagen, placing you right amid the city’s vibrant attractions.

It covers every aspect of the guiding profession, preparing you to excel in hosting duties, bus tours, and walking tours of various lengths. You’ll find that professionalism, enthusiasm for guiding, and dynamic communication are woven throughout our curriculum.

Staying attuned to the latest trends in experience products and guest preferences, we ensure our guides are trained to be both adaptable and forward-thinking. We pride ourselves at Nordic Guide Academy as a dynamic institution, offering inspiring instruction within a supportive and open environment. Our commitment to professionalism and high-quality guiding and guest services remains unwavering.

We foster a warm and humorous atmosphere, embracing diverse and talented personalities. We believe this blend creates the best experiences for our course participants and future guides.

Is this something for you?

If yes, we invite you to an Information meeting which will take place on
Tuesday the 13th of August at 17:00 – 19:00


When sendig registration email please write “Registration for Information Meeting” in subject line and please write your full name and provide phone number in e-mail.

Register, come, hear more and ask questions before you decide if this training program is something for you!


Are you our new guide in Copenhagen in 2025?

Do you dream of becoming a guide in Copenhagen, showcasing the city’s charm and hidden gems? Can you captivate and inspire diverse groups with your enthusiasm? If so, we invite you to join our dynamic team of guides!

We’re seeking individuals who love to communicate, are curious, enjoy interacting with people, and are eager to provide our guests with knowledge, smiles, and unforgettable memories of Copenhagen.

A good level of English is a must, and you’ll need the commitment and enthusiasm to complete our comprehensive guide training program.

This program runs from September 2024 to April 2025, equipping you with everything you need to welcome your first guests on May 1, 2025.

Are you ready to join us and embark on this exciting journey?!

Test your local knowledge - just for fun!

Introduction to our new guide training program

During this guide training program, you will be taught:

• Copenhagen’s history and development
• Today’s Denmark
• Danish “culture”
• Danish art, architecture and design
• Sustainability
• Food and Fun
• Rhetoric & body language
• Self-conduct strategies
• Intercultural communication
• Catchy presentation
• Storytelling
• Humour
• Improvisation
• Guide technique
• Microphone technique
• The professional hosting

Throughout the program, you will engage in extensive hands-on training. Whether navigating the city on a bus, exploring key locations, or immersing yourself in cultural institutions, every experience is designed to enhance your guiding skills. You’ll face challenges that will hone your professional and personal communication abilities, ensuring you’re adept at engaging diverse audiences. Constructive feedback will be a cornerstone of your training, providing you with the insights needed to continually improve your approach and delivery.

At the end of this training program, you will undergo a final assessment, concluding with a pass/fail evaluation. Success in this assessment will grant you entry into our esteemed guide corps, a vibrant community dedicated to excellence in guiding.

Joining our team means becoming part of a dynamic forum where knowledge sharing is paramount. You’ll have opportunities for continuous upskilling through workshops and seminars, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of guiding. Beyond professional growth, our community fosters strong social connections, creating a supportive network where you can share experiences, ideas, and camaraderie with fellow guides.

Practical Information about training program

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Admission Criteria

We are seeking for future talents who:

• Good English language skills (additional languages are a plus) and are committed to continuous language improvement.
• Have a keen interest in history, society, and culture.
• Have a passion for communication.
• Have a natural flair for great hospitality and are ready to act as a positive ambassador for our city and country
• Are eager to share experiences and engage in a vibrant professional community, contributing to a positive learning environment.

To ensure that our training program and the subsequent role as a guide are the right fit for you, we will invite you to a brief interview.

Together with a couple of other participants, you will do a small exercise where you will come up with a typical question that our guests could think of asking:

For example: “What is the relationship between the royal family and the Danes”.

Afterwards, a dialogue takes place in the group, in which everyone participates.

For more information about the guide training program please contact

Charlotte Emmery
Head of Nordic Guide Academy & Training
Tel. +45 31 12 12 00
Mob. +45 31 38 52 07



Meet Your Teachers

We believe the best education in guiding comes from those who have mastered the craft themselves!

All our instructors are professional guides with years of experience, fully aware of the challenges and situations you’ll face in the field. They know exactly what knowledge and training are most beneficial and understand the importance of a genuine passion for this profession.

Learn More About Your Teachers


Charlotte Emmery

“I love to create an atmosphere of inspiration and enlightenment for my students and visitors”


Henriette Brink

“I love sharing knowledge about my home country and about Copenhagen, the city where I was born and where I live”

Mellanie Gandø

Tanja Smed

“I love to improvise and turn a difficult situation into a memorable splendid tour”

Mellanie Gandø

Mette Thornval

“I love to tell stories with passion and engagement”

Mellanie Gandø

Sara Sejergaard

“I love to surprise my guests with a song in the middle of the street”


Sine Louise Schmidt

“I love to explore and get lost in new cool neighbourhoods”


Elin Fredrikson


Martin Einfeldt


Apply for Nordic Guide Academy

Important Dates
Tuesday 13 August at 17:00 – 19:00 Information meeting Come and hear more and ask questions before you decide if it is something for you.
Week 34: Conversations and interview (answer no later than August 27th)
Tuesday 3 September: Training Program start
Educational days: Every Tuesday and one Saturday a month
Tuesday 29 April 2025: Festive closing and congratulations on becoming an Academy guide!
May 2025: You are ready to guide!

We are excited to welcome you to our Nordic Guide Academy, where you will not only receive the finest training but hopefully have some fun as well! Our comprehensive program is designed to equip you with top-tier guiding skills, ensuring you are prepared to excel in this dynamic profession.

So are you ready to join us and embark on a journey towards becoming an exceptional guide, ready to inspire and engage audiences from all over the world?

Yes?! Then click here to start the application procedure!


Please download Application Form and kindly remember to attach it when sending the application e-mail


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