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Unique combination of “Stylish Cool”
& Danish Coziness!

Dennis Borup Jakobsen Copenhagen Media Center

Why Denmark

Welcome to the land of ‘hygge’!

Whether you want to indulge in timeless Danish design or want to spoil your foodie soul, Denmark has something for everyone. Pioneering New Nordic Cuisine and countless Michelin-starred restaurants and bikes aplenty. Steeped in history and modern architecture. Oh! And of course, the Copenhagen-cool lifestyle.

Denmark is the “it” destination for you!

Picture 10 - NorthWest Coast in summer -Credits Visit Nordvestkysten
Visit Nordvestkysten

Land of happy

This compact and yet convenient country is full of amazing experiences and surprises. When visiting either one of the charming and bustling ports of Denmark, you will have the opportunity to explore why Danes always rank in the top of the World’s Happiest People.

Experience and feel the change of rhythm when coming ashore. For us Danes, happiness is linked to community, equality, and a balanced life. We love to show this to you!

Mogens Bech
Mogens Bech - Visit Denmark

Discover top European cruise destination

Denmark has firmly established itself as one of the top cruise destinations. In Denmark, everything is within reach. With close proximity to the airport, Copenhagen makes out for an excellent turnaround port. A transfer from the airport to Copenhagen takes a mere 20 minutes, saving dreadful hours compared to other turn ports. In recent years, the city has experienced a boom in hotels – and is still one of the best-connected cities in terms of flights in Northern Europe.

The Danish ports, each represent a wide variety of local Danish culture and heritage. Whether you are looking for state-of-the-art architecture, charming nature, history, active experiences or maybe want to indulge in the local cuisine, DMC Nordic can provide you with our local expertise and we will ensure a memorable time ashore. Danish ports keep expanding to offer better service for both vessel and guests. With the closely tied network of Copenhagen Cruise Network, all ports, and stakeholders across the industry, strive to offer the best for visiting guests from the sea.


Experience Nordic authenticity

Everyone is familiar with the famed Little Mermaid and Tivoli Gardens, and the colorful harbor of Nyhavn, but when you experience Denmark with the help of DMC Nordic, you can open a Pandora’s Box of amazing, creative, and authentic experiences – from off-the-beaten-track highlights to the royal regalia at Rosenborg Castle, from wine tasting at a local vineyard to changing of the guards at Amalienborg Palace.

Some of our personal highlights around Denmark include:


Natural beauty waiting to be uncovered and explored

Get On a hiking trip of the cliffs of Bornholm or walk across the migrating sand dune of Raabjerg Mile with us!

CC BY SA 2.0, Roberto-Fortuna

Delve Into Ancient history of the Viking Kings

Explore the birth certificate of Denmark, when visiting runic stone at Royal Jelling, erected around 965 AD.

Nick Karvounis

Charming rhythms from the South in the idyllic habors

Immerse yourself into charming rhythms from the South, while experiencing the idyllic harbors and gliding through canals of Copenhagen accompanied by a charismatic jazz band.

Highlight 4b - AalborgBeerWalk - Credit VisitAalborg
Visit Aalborg

Lace up you shoes and dive into the Danish bar scene

Join us on the famed Beer Walk of Aalborg and taste the local produce that is held so dearly by the Danes.

ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum
Anders Trærup- ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

Get cultural at one of the best contemporary art museums

Say hi to a giant sculpture “Boy”, by Ron Mueck, and step into a work of art while taking an unforgettable walk high above the city through ‘Your Rainbow’ at ARoS Musuem.


Ready to be inspired?

Denmark is an endless source of fantastic and inspiring experiences full of culture, history, buzzling city life, great nature and happy, welcoming locals.

Let us help you make the best of your trip to Denmark and work on exceeding your expectations for an experience that will linger on long after you’ve left our home.

Already feeling the buzz? Give us a buzz and let’s talk Denmark!

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