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Experience breathtaking landscapes
in this grand land of fjords and Vikings

Why Norway

Vibrant cities and towns, quiet and stunning nature – Norway offers a wide variety of experiences that will last a lifetime. The epic scenery of Norway never fails to impress. The midnight sun, crystal clear fjords, northern lights, icy peaks and one of the world’s largest coral reefs in the world, are all but a few natural wonders to explore in this Viking homeland.

Trym Ivar Bergsmo

Get acquainted with Sámi people and their cultural heritage

The Sámi are the indigenous people of Norway, Sweden, Finland and parts of Russia. They have inhabited these arctic regions for more than 10.000 years. They are well known for their colourful clothes, traditional joik and their huge herds of reindeer. Norway has more than 200.000 reindeers and only Sámi people are entitled to own reindeer farms as it is part of their culture. One thing which is not to be missed while in northern Norway is the unique possibility to go on a reindeer sledding trip, and the feeding of a reindeer.

Norwegian cities and towns are full of cool contemporary restaurants that focuses on local and seasonal food. Norway introduced salmon sushi to the world and there is even the northernmost sushi restaurant in the world in Svalbard. Seafood in Norway is amazingly fresh – and is not to be missed!


Meet Norwegian Vikings in the land og the midnight sun

The first record of Norwegian Vikings dates back to the late 8th century. We might mostly remember the Vikings as raiders and pillagers of coastal areas of Europe mainland and the British Isles, but the Vikings were much more than that. These fierce men of the North were indeed also traders and explores looking both to the East and to the West. Discoveries of Iceland, Greenland and Vinland – an area of North America – and great trading posts in the Byzantine Empire are but a few achievements generated through the Viking period.

Norway is known as the country of the midnight sun. This phenomenon takes place during summer when the Arctic Circle experiences 24 hours of daylight. The longest days on the planet lasts not just for hours in the Norwegian arctic, but weeks. You might want to join the locals and enjoy a midnight fishing trip or a midnight mountain hike.

Mattias Fredriksson Photography

Immerse yourself into countless natural wonders

One of the main reasons why Norway is unique is due to the vast number of stunning fjords, breath-taking waterfalls and dazzling mountain sceneries. The fjords are cutting their way from the coastline into the country, carved out by the icy glaciers, centuries ago. You haven’t really been in Norway before you have explored the famous Geirangerfjord which is considered to be one of the most beautiful fjords in the world. The fjord is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. You might want to catch a glimpse of the waterfall of “The Seven Sisters” which seen from a distance can resemble the hair of seven women.

Norway holds many magical experiences. From October until March, during the polar nights, when the days are shortest, you might be able to see the breath-taking Northern Lights. The magical swaying of blue, green and yellow colours in the sky are caused by the solar winds that meets the atmosphere. We are most likely to see this around midnight, this is when the light shines the brightest.


Country filled with unforgettable experiences!

Norwegian cities and towns are full of cool contemporary restaurants that focuses on local and seasonal food. Norway introduced salmon sushi to the world and there is even the northernmost sushi restaurant in the world in Svalbard. Seafood in Norway is amazingly fresh – and is not to be missed!

Norwegian society is dedicated to safeguarding and protecting the environment through sustainable experiences while incorporating “Made in Norway” by local communities and promoting its cultural heritage. Norway is such a diverse and vast country that the highlights are piling up.

Among our very own favourites are:

Highlight 1a - Flamsbana - Credits sverrehjornevik.comFlåm AS
sverrehjornevik.comFlåm AS

Take one of the most scenic train rides in the world

A unique ride on a vintage train will take you from sea level of Flåm village through astounding dramatic scenery of local mountains, into agricultural landscape and followed by magnificent blue river on the way.

Highlight 2a -Vigelandspark-Credits VisitOSLO - Tord Baklund
VisitOSLO - Tord Baklund

Discover Norway’s rich cultural heritage

Embark on a voyage to an ancient Viking Era while discovering the Viking saga at Viking ship museum or walk the paths of many great Norwegian artists such as Gustav Vigeland, Edvard Munch or Edvard Grieg.

Highlight 3b - Hiking in Glaciers - Copyright CH Helgeland Reiseliv
CH Helgeland Reiseliv

Explore the largest breath- taking European glaciers

Discover the hidden scenery of Europe’s continental largest glacier surrounded by lush vegetation, the magnificent waterfalls, the pristine that spreads through Briksdalen valley and into the lake.

Johan Wildhagen Paolookaville

Take on the most beautiful drive in the world!

Explore the “The Road in the Ocean” - an 8.3 kilometre long road at the edge of the mighty ocean and enchanted with combination of modern engineering and spectacular scenery.

Highlight 5a - Fishing in Lofoten - Copyright Terje Rakke Nordic Life
Terje Rakke Nordic Life

Discover untamed Norwegian islands

Experience the traditional fishing trips to the open sea waters and fjords out of Lofoten, the capital of World Championship in cod fishing, and learn some of the local fishing history dating over 1000 years in the past.


Ready to be inspired?

Are you ready to be swept away? At DMC Nordic we are looking forward to showing you why Norway is ‘Powered by Nature’ – from the depth of the deepest fjord, to the hights of the tallest mountains and to the ever-amazing glaciers.

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