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Culture trendy city vibes and
endless nature panoramas!

Why Sweden

Sweden is a treat for all senses. Tranquil nature, bustling and welcoming cities with stunning architecture make up this amazing country. Sweden holds a long history, offers a magnificent food scene and state-of-the-art museums to be explored, alongside their renown nature. All is ‘lagom’ – just the right amount. Never too much, never too little. The perfect balance – just like Sweden.

Ola Ericson /

Magical Archipelagos

Sailing into Stockholm, the Swedish capital, offers breathtaking vistas as you glide pass the some 30.000 islands that make out the archipelago lining the watery entry to the port.

Stockholm sits on fourteen islands and are connected by 57 bridges. It is appreciated as one of the most welcoming and inclusive cities in the world. Indulge in the world-class museum like the Vasa Museum, royal palaces, and art galleries. The urban and contemporary appeal is in perfect balance to the proximity of nature.

It is impossible to say Sweden, yet alone Stockholm, without thinking of music and especially ABBA. This Swedish pop band dominated the world of music in the 70’s and 80’s. Today you too can become a part of the band when you visit the ABBA museum.


Viking Heritage and nature on the doorstep

In the Baltic Sea, off the southeastern coast of Sweden you will be able to explore the unique island of Gotland. Once a Viking settlement and stronghold to a city of great importance in the Hanseatic League. Gotland and Visby has time and time again proved its significance – even today as an admired tourist destination en route into or out of the Baltic Sea. Here Viking-era history meets exceptional natural landscapes. Anybody who has ever set foot on Gotland must agree that there is something quite magical about this Baltic gem. Historically significant is the main town of Visby, which is one of the best preserved fortified trading towns in Northern Europe – and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Soak in breathtaking views of sandy beaches and sculptural sea stacks as you drive around the island on a scenic drive or indulge in the history on walk through town.

The counterpart on the western shore of Sweden we find Gothenburg with its urban pulse surrounded by great nature. If seaside charm, shopping and divine seafood isn’t your thing, tour up the coast and explore 700 years of Nordic history and the mighty Carlsten Fortress by the fishing village of Marstrand.

Simon Paulin -
Simon Paulin -

Eco-focused destination

Comprehensive environmental protection, active practices to appreciate and respect human rights and enhance work environments and fighting corruption. Many of Swedish companies are at the lead in implementing a sustainable approach to their business.

However, the Swedish approach is that true change essentially begins at home. And taking care of the environment is a constant job that Swedish people, young and old, in cities and on the countryside, take very seriously.

We too, at DMC Nordic, are committed to helping you enjoy Sweden responsibly while also benefiting the environment, local business, local people, and their culture.


Discover the magic of Sweden

Sweden is such a diverse and amazing country that the highlights are just piling up.

Among our very own favourites are:
Ola Ericson,

Old town of Stockholm

A walk in the Old Town of Stockholm, including a visit to the Vasa Museum. The museum holds a uniquely preserved 17th century ship.

Steampipe Production Studio AB, Göteborg & Co.

Take a stroll in Gothenburg’s Botanical Garden

Enjoy a stroll in Gothenburg’s sprawling Botanical Garden or the trendy neighborhood of Haga, with cobbled streets dotted with independent shops and cafés in the middle of well-preserved historic wooden houses.
Jonas Ingman,

Visit an old fishing village

Visit the charming fishing village Marstrand, where you’ll find the impressive Carlsten Fortress which has over 700 years of Nordic history.
Tina Axelsson,

See historic architecture in Visby town

Do not miss the walk Visby town. Historic architecture aside, the prettiness of the small, cobble-stone streets of Visby, with their idyllic small houses and distinctive abundance of sweet-smelling roses, add to the town’s unique charm.

Pål Allan, ABBA The Museum

Visit the ABBA museum

The ABBA museum is perfect if you enjoy having tons of fun and love music.


Cannot wait?

The midnight sun, Vikings, ABBA, Nobel, World Heritage Sites beautiful sceneries and culinary melting pot… If you cannot wait to indulge – then don’t. Come as you are, to the place that is open for anyone and everyone and allow us to take you on an adventure that will tickle your every sense while exploring the beauty, history, and gems of Sweden.

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