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Charlotte cliping

Charlotte Nymand

Accounting Manager

Born in Greenland to Danish parents, my childhood was marked by frequent moves due to my father’s job. Making new friends and adapting to different environments became a constant in my life, a gift that I now cherish as the world continues to evolve.

Upon joining DMC Nordic, I was instantly drawn to the familial atmosphere within the company. It created a sense of home that has endured throughout my time here.

Working in the accounting department provides a dynamic environment for a systemized and organized enthusiast like myself. I thoroughly enjoy delving into continuous system improvements and offering assistance to my colleagues whenever and wherever needed. There’s never a dull moment in the world of numbers and organization!

My colleague describes me with these 3 words:

1: Happy
2: Always ready to help
3: Well organized

SINCE: With DMC Nordic since 2011 (with a small pause 2020-2022 due to education)

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Why Denmark

Whether you yearn to immerse yourself in the ageless allure of Danish design, pamper your culinary spirit with avant-garde New Nordic Cuisine served in numerous Michelin-starred establishments or amidst the bustling street food scene, witness the firsthand embodiment of why Copenhagen stands as one of the world’s most sustainable capitals, or simply desire to savor the essence of that effortlessly chic Copenhagen lifestyle – Denmark beckons as the ultimate destination, where every facet of your wanderlust finds its perfect match.

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