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Sofi Hedén

Project Manager, MICE

After years of traveling, it was time to settle down and what better city to do that in than one of the most beautiful big cities in the world – Stockholm.

I love that Stockholm is surrounded by water, close to nature and that is close to my hometown where I have family and friends. I don´t only get to live in a beautiful city, I´m also blessed to work with my biggest passion – travels.

My colleagues describe me with these 3 words:

1: Dedicated
2: Organized
3: Structured

SINCE: With DMC Nordic since 2022.


Why Sweden

Sweden is a treat for all senses. Whether you travel to seek tranquility in nature, thrill in outdoor activities, indulgence in food, history, inspiration in design, architecture, music, lifestyle, or technology? Rest assured that Sweden will fascinate you and surpass your expectations!

Sweden’s natural wonders, the Swedish cities, coastlines, and archipelagos are waiting for you to come to claim your right to absorb Swedish nature, art and design, world-class food, and the kindness of locals.

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