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Gorica Zecevic

Country Manager

In the mosaic of my origins, Serbia lays the foundation of my journey. A chapter of serendipity unfolded when the decks of cruise ships became my workplace, affording me the extraordinary privilege of traversing the globe and gracing all seven continents with my presence. This odyssey was not just a journey through landscapes but a profound exploration of humanity—immersing myself in diverse cultures.

Today, the allure of travel remains an unwavering flame, illuminating my path with an insatiable passion. Each country I encountered left an indelible mark, but one, in particular, nestled deep within my soul—Sweden. The enchantment it cast upon me was so profound that I chose to transform a connection into a commitment, making Sweden my new home. In this land of lakes and legends, my heart found its sanctuary, and the wanderer discovered a place to anchor his restless spirit.

My colleagues describe me with these 3 words:

1: Always positively motivating
2: Great leader
3: Genuine and with the biggest heart

SINCE: With DMC Nordic since 2010


Why Sweden

Sweden is a treat for all senses. Whether you travel to seek tranquility in nature, thrill in outdoor activities, indulgence in food, history, inspiration in design, architecture, music, lifestyle or technology? Rest assured that Sweden will fascinate you and surpass your expectations!

Sweden’s natural wonders, the Swedish cities, coastlines and archipelagos are waiting for you to come claim your right to absorb Swedish nature, art and design, world class food and kindness of locals.

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