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Gabriela Passos Marques

Operations Coordinator, Cruise

I was born and raised in very vibrant and dynamic city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on this little-known beach called Copacabana. When people ask me why I traded Rio’s sunny beaches for Bergen’s windy fjords, I tell them: it was love. And every winter I fall in love all over again.

My colleagues describe me with these 3 words:

1: Well organized
2: Team player
3: Structured

SINCE: With DMC Nordic since 2019


Why Norway

Are you ready to have your breath taken away? Because we guarantee you that it will happen more than once in Norway! From vibrant cities to quiet stunning nature, Norway offers a wide range of exciting experiences that you will never forget. On this land where Mother Nature reigns and only 5,5 million inhabitants live, Norwegians have learnt how to live with the elements but also to create a modern society where people feel safe and happy.

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