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Petio Petkov

Senior Manager, MICE - Wild Child & Idea Development

I love chaos. Mostly I like taking chaos, tidying it all up and making perfect order out of it! So needless to say, I love the all the action that my job brings me – always running a few steps ahead of the storm and making sure that everything is all nice, smooth and quiet for showtime.

I also love all things music. I’ve discovered that I concentrate best while listening to experimental instrumental jazz so it goes without saying that I bring nothing but joy to all my colleagues in the office (is what I assume)… But hey, creativity first, right?!

My colleague describes me with these 3 words:

1: Mr. “Thinking Out the Box”
2: Challenging… in a productive way
3: Playful

SINCE: With DMC Nordic since 2016


Why Denmark

Whether you want to indulge in timeless Danish design, spoil your foodie soul with pioneering New Nordic Cuisine in countless Michelin-starred restaurant or in the happening street food scene, experience first-hand why Copenhagen is one of the most sustainable capitals in the world, or just want to get a taste of that effortless Copenhagen-cool lifestyle, Denmark is the “it” destination for you.

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