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rasa main

Rasa Svirnelyte

Senior Manager, MICE - Creative Content & Product Development

Say “hello” to a special Lithuanian, who got enchanted by the charm of Denmark more than 20 years ago. My creative soul has a very keen eye for design and style, but I also excel in the ancient art of juggling … mostly not in the literal sense, but I am known to be able to keep “many balls up in the air” – it’s pure magic! Yep, you guessed right – I am one busy bee, running many creative projects each year!

My colleagues describe me with these 3 words:

1: Creative & constructive eye on details
2: Versatile & Multitasking
3: Very strong work ethic

SINCE: With DMC Nordic since 2005 (freelance between 2005-2010)


Why Denmark

Whether you want to indulge in timeless Danish design, spoil your foodie soul with pioneering New Nordic Cuisine in countless Michelin-starred restaurant or in the happening street food scene, experience first-hand why Copenhagen is one of the most sustainable capitals in the world, or just want to get a taste of that effortless Copenhagen-cool lifestyle, Denmark is the “it” destination for you.

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